Sunday, 23 December 2012

Live-in- Relationship and Indian Judiciary

Live-in- Relationship and Indian Judiciary
Law has been playing vital role in social change. Society is constituted of individuals. Law and society try to regulate the conduct of an individual. The institution of marriage being foundation of the society, interest of the society is well protected by keeping the foundation of institution of marriage strong. Since the matter relating to marriage falls within the purview of personal law, each religion in India is having its own law relating to marriage along with other family matters. As we are observing changing living patterns in the society, law has to respond properly keeping in view the societal and constitutional values in its mind. In recent times the Indian judiciary has taken a lead in showing a right path for the progress of the society. We have tried in this paper, to look into the trend of Indian judiciary in relation to live-in-relationship. As the decision of the apex court is considered as the law of the land under the Indian Constitution, the decisions are to be followed and respected. The society expects consistent stand from the judiciary.

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